8 Facts About the 1970 Chevelle SS

The 1970 Chevelle SS is arguably one of the most identifiable and most desirable muscle cars from the muscle car era and has become the go-to for Hollywood—which doesn’t hurt its public awareness some 50 years after it was produced.

Built by the Chevrolet Motor Division—a division of General Motors Company—the popularity of this classic muscle car hasn’t shown signs of slowing down in modern times, either.

It has been featured in several recent movies including Jack Reacher, John Wick, Dazed and Confused, The Other Guys and is arguably the go-to muscle car for Hollywood.

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70 Chevelle SS Production Numbers

1970 Chevelle SS production numbers totaled 62,372 vehicles. 53,599 came equipped with the 396 CID V8 while 8,773 came equipped with the 454 CID V8.

Following is the breakdown by engine and horsepower ratings:

396 (L34)35051,455
396 (L78)3752,144
454 (LS5)3604,298
454 (LS6)4504,475

70 Chevelle SS Specs

See 1970 Chevelle SS specs that include the base price, wheelbase, length, width, height, weight, body styles, and more.

Base Price$3,991.15 (Hardtop + 396 L34 + M21 4-speed)
Wheelbase112 in
Length201.2 in
Width75.3 in
Height53.2 in
WeightHardtop: 3,369 lbs
Convertible: 3,456 lbs
TransmissionTH400 3-speed automatic
M20 4-speed manual
M21 4-speed manual
M22 4-speed manual
Body Style2-door hardtop
2-door convertible

70 Chevelle SS Options

1970 Chevelle SS options included a 396 or a 454 cu. in. engine—each having a base version and a higher horsepower high-performance version available.

Spec396 (L34)396 (L78)454 (LS5)454 (LS6)
Displacement402 CID402 CID454 CID454 CID
Bore & Stroke4.13 x 3.764.1260 x 3.764.25 x 4.004.25 x 4.00
Compression Ratio10.25:111.110.25:111.25:1
Horsepower350 @ 5,200375 @ 5,600360 @ 4,400450 @ 5,600
Torque415 @ 3,400415 @ 3,600500 @ 3,200500 @ 3,600

70 Chevelle SS Paint Colors

1970 Chevelle SS paint colors spanned across 15 different standard paint colors from white to black and everything in between. The Corvette, Nova, Camaro, Chevy II, and Chevelle all shared the same paint codes and color names listed below.

  • 10 – Classic White
  • 14 – Cortez Silver
  • 17 – Shadow Gray
  • 19 – Tuxedo Black
  • 25 – Astro Blue
  • 28 – Fathom Blue
  • 34 – Misty Turquoise
  • 45 – Green Mist
  • 48 – Forest Green
  • 50 – Gobi Beige
  • 55 – Champagne Gold
  • 58 – Autumn Gold
  • 63 – Desert Sand
  • 75 – Cranberry Red
  • 78 – Black Cherry

In addition to the base 15 paint colors, there were several other special order paint colors available including Hugger Orange and Daytona Yellow.

Additionally, there were seven two-tone paint color combinations (lower/upper) available:

  • Astro Blue/Classic White
  • Astro Blue/Fathom Blue
  • Fathom Blue/Astro Blue
  • Misty Turquoise/Classic White
  • Champagne Gold/Classic White
  • Autumn Gold/Classic White
  • Desert Sand/Classic White

70 Chevelle SS Quarter Mile Time

With respect to the 1970 Chevelle SS quarter-mile time, the legendary LS6 454 was the highest performing option.

Powered by a 454 cubic inch beast with an 11.25:1 compression ratio, 450 horsepower @ 5,600 RPM, and 500 lb-ft of torque at 3,600 RPM, the LS6 was the top of the line performance option.

The LS6 was the 3rd fastest classic muscle car from the muscle car era, 5th fastest when you include the Corvette and Cobra, and 2nd fastest overall in 1970.

It was also one of the most powerful muscle cars that boasted the highest advertised horsepower rating with 25 more horses than the 426 Hemi.

396 (L34)14.7794.42RT 4/70
396 (L78)N/AN/AN/A
454 (LS5)14.20100MCR
454 (LS6)13.20107CC 11/69

70 Chevelle SS 0-60 Time

The ’70 Chevelle SS 0-60 was impressive across the line of available performance engine options compared to other 1970 muscle cars.


70 Chevelle SS Burnout

It doesn’t take much to get a ’70 Chevelle SS to do a smokey burnout. Click the video below to watch a burnout video that lasts for nearly two minutes straight!

How Much a 70 Chevelle SS Is Worth Today

1970 Chevelle SS values depend on the condition, rarity, options, originality, and if it has the numbers matching drive train.

The following values are taken from the Hagerty Insider app (no affiliation). Note that vehicle values can change often so always refer to the Hagerty Insider app for current figures.

Sport Coupe396 (L34)$57,100
Convertible396 (L34)$101,000
Sport Coupe396 (L78)$63,000
Convertible396 (L78)$111,000
Sport Coupe454 (LS5)$49,000
Convertible454 (LS5)$70,100
Sport Coupe454 (LS6)$99,500
Convertible454 (LS6)$172,000

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